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Your Competitive Advantage is in the Sky

Since the advent of drones, countless industries have benefited from the many uses of this technology. But perhaps the biggest beneficiaries are the construction and real estate industries. Despite all the technological progress within the industries above, no innovation has been quite as game-changing as the ability to capture images from the air while the photographer’s feet remain on the ground. Drone photography and videography changed the way that we develop marketing content for construction companies.

With many unique features and further advancements, drones with aerial image capabilities can be a precious asset to your construction or real estate team. From higher quality marketing material to increased safety assessment, drones' range in value is well worth the investment in this powerful technology. Here are six reasons why drones will create a competitive advantage over the competition.

“Goodwolf helped us capture our story in a unique, interactive way. They created an ‘our story’ video that quickly and effectively conveyed our message and was easily used for social media marketing, on our about us page, and in our email signatures. Mixing in drone video increased the production level and added a wow factor!”



Opportunities can often come from seeing things with a different perspective. Much like professional sports teams using a birds-eye view to analyze on-field strategy, contractors can do the same on project sites. This will allow you to update your design teams, engineers, construction managers, workers, and owners, so they can follow the project and catch any mistakes that may have occurred. By monitoring the progress of projects and how your teams are operating, you will better understand the overall operation moving forward.


Worker safety is one of the biggest priorities on a site. Through drone technology, you can mitigate risks, creating a safer environment for those on-site. Drones have the ability to travel safely to heights that others cannot. Workers usually have to climb to unsteady heights with hazardous conditions when working on tasks such as manual measurements. Replace workers with drones in situations similar to this, and you save yourself and your team a lot of hassle and risk.

Drones can also help you identify safety hazards on the work site, including loose or unstable structures and machinery.


Monitoring terrain is an essential step in the early stages of large-scale construction projects. That's why it's essential to consult with topographic maps when planning. Due to their ability to map vast quantities of land, drones can exponentially cut down on time to visualize a site's topography. This would ensure that the project stays on schedule and according to budget and accuracy before a project is initiated.

Real Estate


With a large pool of competition, what sets you apart? Here are some intriguing statistics to consider when adding drone photography to your marketing package.

  • Homes with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes with standard images.

  • 73% of homeowners say they want to work with a real estate agent that uses video to market homes.

  • High-volume real estate agents use drones 3.5 times more than low-volume real estate agents.


Whether it's Zillow, or just the MLS, the buyer pool is flooded with options, even in low-inventory markets. Competition is stiff, so how will your listing pictures pop? High quality drone photography will be that extra detail to gravitate buyers to your listings.


People love to talk about location, but why talk about it when you can show it off? Drones offer a tremendous point of view to help include nearby attractions, parks, airports, etc., while also showing off the land included with the property. There should be an unwritten agent rule that states, "Thou shalt not use 'location, location in one's MLS description without sufficient evidence of said location," or something like that.

Whether you're building properties or selling them, drones are the versatile technology you've been looking for to put your company over the top. You should waste no time joining the movement from increased productivity on-site to an enhanced marketing strategy.

Looking to implement drones into your business model?

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