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Brand Strategy

The most important step any company can make is building a strong foundation on which the rest of the brand can grow through its marketing efforts.Great results begin with a great strategy. 

We offer a full range of strategic and planning services to help your brand connect with customers. From evaluating brand strengths and weaknesses to understanding how and why your customers engage with each campaign.

Along with strategy, we develop strategy for content that creates, captures, and converts across bought, earned, and owned channels. If it’s digital, we can handle it. And, we can help you plan it. Our focus is to connect your brand while achieving your marketing objectives and driving proven results. We’ll create a program based on a deep understanding of your brand for marketing each channel, while developing an overall brand strategy that works for you. Together, we can create, connect, and convert customers.

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Brand Identity

We had a great new company with no logo or branding. We partnered with Pine & Bars Co. to design everything from our package, to business cards, even our website, and we couldn't be happier. We still receive compliments years later, and highly recommend working with them on your branding and design projects.

Whether you're looking to roll-out a new brand, or refresh an existing one, shaping your message starts with a great identity. We help create a unique feel and look consistent with your message.

Creating a well-known, well-followed brand isn't easy. We utilize beautiful design to create a look that's unique, consistent, and cohesive across all platforms. We work to create lasting impressions on your customers that lead to action. Our team thrives on the excitement of building your brand and helps you engage with the most substantial client base possible.


"Pine & Bars took over our Shopify website and were able to increase online revenue by 107%, increase online conversion by 69%, and skyrocket online sales by 74% within 3 months."

Ecommerce Site Development – We partner with the leading e-commerce platforms to deliver robust e-commerce solutions.

E-Commerce Enhancements to Grow Sales - Whether you want to add a loyalty program to encourage repeat business, add a product review program, recover lost sales from abandoned shopping carts, or sync your store with Ebay, Amazon, or Google Shopping, we can help grow your online sales.

E-Commerce Coaching – Want to build your own e-store, but need a little guidance? We provide 1-on-1 coaching that makes selling online easy

Abandon Cart retargeting.

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Motion & Stills

Gray Ghost helped us capture our brands' story in a unique, interactive way. They created a brand video that quickly and effectively conveyed our message and was easily engaging with our customers. 

Captivating videography and photography help to tell your brand's story compellingly. With so much chatter to break through it can feel overwhelming trying to reach your customers before your competition.

Our team helps clients target customers, create exciting content, and increase online engagement with their products, services, and stories.

We tell your story on multiple platforms that are native to your customers every day lives. By doing so, we can make we're creating the best online community possible for your brand. Additionally, we pair these efforts with SEO and digital strategy to increase your brand's presence online, and the likelihood of new customers finding you first.

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Social Media

We take pride in understanding the full volume of social media channels that drive business outcomes for brands. Social Media initiatives often take a back seat to many marketing plans, but this is a digital world, and its time to start acting like it. Our team of social curators and engagement managers boost your brand in a complex social strategy. We develop content that resonates, creates conversation, and increase engagement.

Social is always on, 24-7, so we offer a content calendar that extends far beyond planned posts. We'll adapt to be part of your team while provide the right content to the right people at the right time. Our social analytics tools allow us to identify trends that align with your brand, and quickly create unique pieces that keep people engaged.

As a digital marketing and design company, we pair our top-notch in-house creative and production teams with our digital strategies to provide the best content available. By doing so, this allows us to keep costs low and results high. Our mission to capture customers attention in the places they live every day, online.


Web Development

Gray Ghost overhauled our website taking it from slow and obsolete to fully responsive and viewable on any device. In 3 months we went from unfound, to first on Google.

Our award-winning team creates responsive web design that works with mobile in mind. We've reached a time where customers are equally searching for brands on devices and desktops, its important to provide the best experience possible from the start.

All of our projects start with collaboration, we dive deep into understanding what creative captivates your customers to connect, engage, and convert on your site. We create experiences which give people the power to interact with your brand in whichever way they decide. Our comprehensive analytics tools will measure results, allow for constant montioring, and provide valuable insights to sales and marketing teams.


Their work in developing our website and brand identity has made a significant difference to my business. Gray Ghost Agency did everything – with little direction needed. The best part was that I could completely trust their team to represent our company professionally and provide us with a service second to none. I would recommend their services to anyone.

/  samuel martin — principal, smartlaw pllc  /