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The Newest Trick to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Come on, who doesn’t love a good emoji? More and more regularly, we’re using them to communicate our most basic and complex opinions. Apple has even fully integrated emoji’s into their keyboard suggestions. Smiley faces, rocket ships, 100%, even a happy…chocolate ice cream? 💩😂

I’ve seen emojis popping up on LinkedIn profiles over the last 12 months, mostly from members who work for LinkedIn. I attempted to add one a while back with no luck. Fortunately for me, it worked today!

I can feel the eye-rolls, but before you write this off as another ‘millennial trend’ like Snapchat or Instagram (PS, I bet you’re on Snapchat or Instagram now), think of how it could give you a competitive advantage before it becomes commonplace.

Knowing even the most fundamental marketing principle, you know, attention is king. Getting attention can be challenging, so why not give yourself a slight, friendly edge? As I see it, an emoji provides you a unique way to add a small pop of color to your name when viewed on your connections feed, search results, or notifications (see my screenshot below). Yes, there are several emojis that could be construed as let’s go with immature…however there is a number of industry related emojis that have the potential to be a great fit.

If you’re a dancer 💃🏼, real estate agent 🏠, construction worker 🏗️, creator 💡, maybe a doctor 🌡️…the options are endless.

So, you’re in; here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Search for an emoji you think represents you well. Not sure? Click on the most popular options under the search function.

Step 3: You’ve found your emoji, click on it, highlight it, and copy it. (Make sure you copy the emoji next to the emoji’s title…in this case Rocket

Step 4: Head over to your LinkedIn profile and edit your name. Then simply paste it, and save.

Nice work, now you can ride the wave and stand out for the time being until everyone else catches on.

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