Eisbär Sports / USA + Austria

As the newest distributor of one of the World's most legendary ski fashion companies, Pine & Bars Co partnered with Fischer Ski's to create a presence throughout North America for Eisbär North America. Since the 1950's Eisbär has been outfitting the greatest Olympic and World Cup skiers from around the world. From podium to ski lodge, the brand has been synonymous with the sport. Eisbär ski hats are more than just accessories. Eisbär ski hats are high fashion. They are the trend. They are the last thing you take off and the first thing you put on. Preferably all year round. And that is perfectly possible, because our ski hats are available to suit every season. In light and cool. Or wonderfully warm, with fleece lining.

Social Media

Established the brand on multiple social media platforms. Provided extensive social media marketing, ad design, while increasing brand awareness and engagement with customers leading up to the launch date.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Provided an analysis of current SEO rating and optimized the Eisbär website using strategic keywords to increase organic website traffic.

Print Catalog

We provided a Eisbär with our highly skilled and dedicated design team to modify a beautifully new 2018 product catalog.

web development

Created a new responsive website, optimized for all screen sizes. We enhanced search and sort functionality, while focusing on the natural client experience and flow from initial visit, to services viewing.

Brand Identity

Working with Eisbär North America we created a branding package which included a logo redesign and business cards.