Doughbar Doughnuts

As a new start-up by a pair of full-time nurses, The Dough Bar needed to establish a new brand on a budget. Dough Bar tasked us with increasing brand awareness and engagement, creating a unique branding package that appealed to the modern day athlete, and creating a line of clothing designs they could use for sponsored professional fitness athletes.

brand identity

We introduced The Dough Bar to the fitness industry for the first time. Working with Marquez and Ondrea we created a branding package which included a logo, package and cooking instructions, and business cars in an effort to introduce the brand, its mission, and how it began.

Graphic Design

We provide a unique creative design to inspired by The Dough Bar's main ingredient, donuts!. Working with Marquez and Ondrea we concepted, proofed, and created 8 original designs to be used on clothing and other products worn by their professional fitness models and brand representatives.