Concord Custom Furniture


Project Overview

As a new start-up by a talented carpenter, Concord Custom Furniture needed to establish a new brand in the New Hampshire market. CCF tasked us with increasing brand awareness and engagement, we also created a full branding package which included brand identity, logo design, color palette, business cards, letterhead, and advertising materials that appealed to the modern customers while keeping a vintage, early American style. We also built an online user experience that guided clients easily through their minimalistic webpage, as well as ensured their website could compete on search engines.

Web Development
Created a new responsive website, optimized for all screen sizes. We enhanced search and sort functionality, while focusing on the natural client experience and flow from initial visit, to services viewing.

Social Media
Established the brand on multiple social media platforms. Provided extensive social media marketing, ad design, while increasing brand awareness and engagement with customers leading up to the launch date.

We provided a CCF with our highly skilled and dedicated photography team to shoot their beautifully design process. With the overall brand in mind, we provided all of the photos needed to complete the build for CCF's website, digital marketing ads, and employee headshots.

Brand Identity
Working with CCF, we created a branding package which included a logo design, business cards, and more in an effort to introduce the brand, its mission, and how it began.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Provided an analysis of current SEO rating and optimized the Concord Custom Furniture website using strategic keywords to increase organic website traffic.