If Indiana Jones were around today you wouldn't find him in some distant jungle out-running bad guys, or in a remote desert, or searching for a lost temple. Instead, he'd be craftily disguising himself in a hoodie and white Vans, sneaking about the halls of Snapchat, carefully altering the weight of his sandbags in preparation for the great trade of his career: The Holy Grail of the 2016 marketing industry...Snapchats Geofilter IP.

Let's be honest, anyone who pays attention to tech, social media, or one of our favorite personalities, Gary Vaynerchuk, knows that Snapchat has blown up over the last year for a number of reasons. Whether its the fact that Instagram just isn't interactive enough, or that Facebook is now considered a platform for our parents, for one reason or another Snapchat is emerging as the best platform for sharing and communicating with your favorite people.


Indy would want us to get to the point, so let's skip the overview on Snapchat's functionality and get into the reason why custom geofilters for business are going to change the game.

Snapchat will now let you design virtually anything (as long as it fits their guidelines) and place it anywhere for a pre-determined amount of time. Are you kidding me? This is huge! 

Here's what I'm talking about....Imagine you're a restaurant/bar and you're having a special. It's planned for a busy Saturday night, and you have competition all around you. You start with creating a great custom Snapchat geofilter from a company like Geotag Filters. Something creative. Imagine you include a call-to-action along the lines of "show our bartender a snap from your story using this filter and get 10% off, or a free drink even". Next, we set the geofilter on top of your location, and all the competitors surrounding you. You've now essentially placed a massive billboard, for nearly all 21-35 year olds, at each of your competitors bars...telling them to leave. The kicker? Not only did they see it but, it's in their story now and all of their friends saw it locations you didn't target, or at home where they were looking for somewhere to go.


Let's use a different example. You're a luxury car dealership and you love advertising at major golf tournaments in your local area. The only problem is a sponsorship cost $2,500 per event. Now Geotag Filters can create you one ad, and you can place it on top of every golf course in your area, every time they have and event for $50-$100. Forget about the cost for a minute. Imagine your competitor has sponsored the event. Their only going to impress upon the people at the tournament. By placing a custom Snapchat geofilter at the event you're hitting everyone at the event, and all of their Snapchat friends who most likely have similar purchasing habits. 

Do you see it now? This could work in nearly any industry in thousands of different scenarios. 

So be like Indy, minus the sandbags. Steal your opportunity in the market now before everyone else catches on. The next step? Contact Geotag Filters and lets start making your first filter today!

michael browning