3 Shots You Need To Instantly Grow Your Instagram Following


Your goal in creating content for this brand can be summed up in one word, natural. From photos to editorial, your content should be an extension of your everyday life. Photos should feel real and not overly staged, and your descriptions should be accurate and honest. 

Our goal as a brand is to show the versatility of our products and how they can be integrated into your look no matter what adventure you’re on. Here are a few tips to creating the best content as a social media influencer for the brand.




In this shot there can be a number of other items or events happening but the product is roughly centered and stands out in color and contrast from other items in the photo. This is a natural shot showcasing how the product is part of your life, from couch to slopes. Lighting is key, keep as much natural light as possible.

Ex Product: Hat


Go Long

You’ll notice the distance from camera to subject in this shot. Even with a greater distance the subject remains the focus within the photograph.
Symmetry is name of the game. Both sides of the photo should guide you into the subject. The product may not be 100% recognizable but the photo is strong.

Ex Product: Jacket


Portrait Mode

The portrait photo is much tighter and will showcase the product front and center. Using portrait mode on the iPhone or a low f-stop on a DSLR can create bokeh and increase focus on the subject. If neither of these are available, think of creative ways you can capture the brands logo along with some facial features.

Ex Product: Hat


When writing your editorial content, be honest. Think of ways you can further elaborate on your photography in text form. Describe your day, what you did, where you went, and how you fit the product into your wardrobe and why. People know you are a social media influencer for this brand, but they need to understand why you chose to be...why you stand by the product and why it works for you. You don’t have to be a journalist, and posts don’t need to be long. Simple is better in some cases. Don’t be afraid to take different types of the pictures above, and others, throughout your day and come back to them as a guide. Even if you don’t use them all, in the end, you’ll have plenty of content to choose from. The goal should be to tell an overall story of who you are, what you’re up to, and why other people like you can relate to the product. In the end, don’t put too much pressure on your posts. Do what comes natural, take the best shots you can, and provide a real story to back it up. Whether it’s the errands around town or an epic ski trip, all content is better than none.

michael browning